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A 12GB RAM Smartphone is here! Everything you need to know about it!


Turing Robotics Industries (TRI) has announced  Turing Phone Cadenza smartphone with Powerfull specs.

Turing Phone Cadenza feature  5.8-inch (2560×1440 pixels) display powered by a 2 Qualcomm Snapdragon 830s processors coupled with two 6GB RAM modules (12GB RAM)

Phone offers 1TB of storage with two 256Gb memory chips for on board memory, and an additional 500GB available through micro-SD card slots.

On Camera it has a 60MP rear camera with iMAX 6K, triple lens and 20MP front dual front camera. It has a 4 SIM Cards Slots.


Turing Phone will run on the Swordfish OS, which seems to be some kind of a fork of the Linux based Sailfish OS.

The OS promises some advanced AI based embedded features, including a memory network and a neural network. There will be natural language processing built into the phone.

There is something called “VoiceOn” technology, which seems to be able to turn your phone on and off with voice commands.

Voice can also be used for bio-metric authentication, as against a retina scanner or a fingerprint scanner, which are used by any peasant.

There is also “Advanced AI Voice”, which could potentially mean a voice based intelligent assistant.

Steve YL Chao (CEO & Chief Architect), Turing Robotic Industries said in a blog post,It is our belief that we can disrupt the status quo by bringing the Turing Phone Cadenza from the future to the present.

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