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How to Access the Hidden Wiki?


Many people search how to access the hidden wiki from time to time, so today we are going to answer the same. But before we answer that, let us first discuss about why people want to get access to hidden wiki, what are hidden wikis, and even before that – what are wikis?

What are Wikis?

Wikis are basically a website or a database, which is developed collaboratively by a community of users, allowing each user to add or edit its content.

Hidden Wikis

So, what are hidden wikis? Hidden wiki is the name given to the numerous censorship-resistant wikis that are operated like Tor hidden services. The hidden wikis can be edited by anyone anonymously once they register on the website. Firstly, the hidden wikis were controlled through .onion pseudo top level domain, which could only be accessed using Tor or a Tor gateway.

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The main page of a hidden wiki offered a community maintained link directory, which directed the users to other hidden services, including links that claimed to offer money, contract killing, cyber attacks, contraband chemicals and bomb making. The remaining wiki was also uncensored and offered links to websites that hosted child pornography and other abusive images.

What is Tor?

Now the question came to your mind that what is Tor? Tor is the abbreviated form of “The Onion Network” and it was one of the projects which were developed by US Navy. There were also some rumors suggesting that the project was used for transmission of Top-Secret US Government Intelligence Data. Here we are talking about spies, but now let’s come to our main topic – hidden wiki and the Onion links Network.

The Onion Network is defined as a network of internet users or computer system users around the world who interlink the systems with each other and in doing so, they also protect each other from prying eyes and also share anonymity with each other. This whole network of shared computers which is interlaced with each other and weaved together in layers like an Onion is known as Tor (The Onion Network).

Steps to Access the Hidden Wiki

But you can’t access the hidden wiki using a common browser like Firefox or Google Chrome.

  1. However, you will need Firefox browser at a later stage for accessing hidden wiki so in case you don’t have it installed on your system, download it from the official website and keep it installed on your system.
  2. You will have to download the Tor Browser, which you can download from the link on the official website. This will be your first step towards how to access the hidden wiki.
  3. Once you have downloaded this file – the Tor browser for Windows, double click on it to select the destination folder. This destination folder that you select here will be the folder where the Tor browser will be extracted.
  4. After selecting the destination folder, choose extract. This will allow the Tor browser to get extracted in the folder that you have chosen for this purpose.
  5. Then, visit this destination folder where you have extracted the Tor browser and double click on ‘Start Tor Browser’. Follow the steps given below on how to access the hidden wiki to use the Tor browser to access hidden wiki.
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  6. When you double click on ‘Start Tor Browser’, Firefox will open up. But the homepage of Firefox will display a message saying – ‘Congratulations. Your browser is configured to use Tor.
  7. From this minute onwards, you will be browsing as anonymous to some level. You will also get access to .onion and the hidden wiki.
  8. But please note that Tor is not 100% anonymous so you cannot just rely on Tor wholesomely. You will have to use several proxies along with a Tor configured browser. This includes using a firewall program as well as a good, efficient antivirus program too.
  9. It is advised that you should disconnect your webcam, turn off your JavaScript cookies, temporary data and use ccleaner.
  10. Once you have done all of this, you are still one step far from how to access the hidden wiki using your Tor browser. What do you have to do now? Well, nothing much. You just need to paste the given URL to your tor browser in order to access the hidden wiki finally.

Now, you have come into the unchartered underground which is known as “The Deep Web”. Most of the new internet surfers think that this process is too long and too difficult or scary to understand but that didn’t take too much time. It is easy too. You just need to understand the steps and follow them patiently.

What to search for once you have got the Tor browser?

It is a fact that you can only get access to deep websites and the hidden wiki by downloading the Tor browser and configuring it with Firefox. When everything has been set successfully, you must finally browse for different .onion URLs on the Tor browser running on your system. After this, you need to enter onion sites address, For active onion link visit top hidden wiki blogs.

Now, click on the “enter button” on your keyboard or just click on the “return” and you should be taken to a site which is called as “Tor Library”. This library consists of so many links of the famous sites on the Deep Web. Now, scroll down and look to the left, there is a link called “Hidden Wiki”. Now, click on it and enjoy surfing.

The Last Words

So, this was the entire step by step process to help you get access to the hidden wiki using the Tor configuration on your browser. Follow each of these steps cautiously to get to the place you desire. We hope that this guide on how to access the hidden wiki would have helped you gain access to the .onion files and the hidden wiki.

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