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Apple Watch 3 leaked Features and More



The world of the smartwatches is about to be plunged into another year of intense competition. With the arrival of the Apple Watch 3 imminent, the Korean giant Samsung is also on the verge of launching its own Gear brand of smartwatches. The new Apple Smartwatch 3 is also said to be extraordinarily reliable as well as very tech savvy. Having said this, we can also list some features which we wish to see in the new Apple Watch 3.

The new Apple Watch 3 will have an always-on display. The display is new and looks very well as well. An OLED display is set to be featured in the new Apple Watch 3. While the  2016 release did not see any new display updates, the new display will obviously be incorporated by the end of this year, which will also usher in a revolutionary change in design, affordability, style, comfort and technological prowess. We have also got news that the new display type is the very eminent micro-LED panels. These panels are much lighter, thinner and do not require any backlights, unlike the currently used  LCD panels. Besides, these new OLED panels are brighter than the other panels and are also capable of displaying higher resolutions. Apple is said to be working with rivals LG and Samsung to manufacture the micro-LEDs needed to make the Apple Watch a success.

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The new Apple Watch 3 also has a much-improved battery life. This is essential in ensuring that the smartwatch can be worn all day long without having to resort to charging at every instance. We believe that the Cupertino-based giant will improve the battery life significantly and will not suffer a setback like the Apple Watch 2, which while having a bigger battery than the previous generation, did not boast of an improved battery life. A rival, in the form of Pebble Time Steel, has a much-vaunted battery backup of an astounding 10 days. A high-performance battery is also essential in ensuring that the smartwatch, in this case, the Apple Watch 3, truly becomes a companion. The sleep monitoring feature becomes eminently forgettable if the battery runs out mid-sleep. The Taiwan-based Quanta, which is in charge of developing the new smartwatch, is also said to focus on the arduous, but much needed, task of increasing the battery life.

The Apple Watch 3 also has better and more numerous health sensors. While Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, has stated that they want to develop a medically approved device, that may or may not be the new Apple Watch 3. Apple has reportedly been on a spree of acquiring a set of professionals in the medical and the biomedical field. Anne Shelchuk, who is one of the recent hires and has a background in the field of biomedical engineering, is one of them, as reported by Buzzfeed news.

Like we mentioned before, the new Apple Watch 3 is meant to be independent of the iPhone. This is achieved in several ways, one of which is increasing onboard storage. We expect the new smartwatch to have a new wireless chipset besides improved cellular connectivity.

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