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T-kameez Branded & High Quality Tees At Just Rs.89!Surprised?-Check It Out!


Currently, the Make in India and Startup India concepts are gaining a lot of popularity and being inspired by Narendra Modi, loads of projects are being started so that the image of India can be taken to an international level and one of them is T-kameez.

A boy from Ludhiana, Gagan inspired from this concept of Make in India introduced around 250 branded T-shirts at a price of just Rs.89! Unbelievable! Isn’t it? His venture is named T-Kameez.

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Yes, we are a part of nation where branded and high quality clothes would cost just Rs.89. The stuff at T-Kameez is of high quality and the designs are extremely stylish. What should one expect in just Rs.89.

Why this low priced brand?


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Gagan says that when we think about countries such as Britain, USA or others, we imagine good looking people wearing smart clothes, but talking about India, the image that comes to mind is ‘Roti, Kapada aur Makaan’. With T-Kameez, he wishes to make this Cloth reachable to all Indians and he makes it clear that the pricing of shirts, T-shirts, tops, tanks or jeans isn’t low due to low quality. It would be all branded stuff with low pricing because he says it costs him low. He doesn’t want much profit. Gagan wishes to see all Indians wearing this Indian brand one day.

When does this sale begin ?

The 1st sale of this brand would be conducted on the 22nd of May 2016 online.

Details about the stuff!


Material used – Cotton

Sizes – Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Double Extra Large

Price – Rs.89 Only

Shipping – Rs 50 per order (You can order multiple t-shirts in single order to reduce cost)

Cash on delivery – Available


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