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Byju’s – Technology in Classrooms of the Future


Technology has always been one of the most important parts in human education. From the time when people used to carve figures on cave walls to this day when most students are equipped with gadgets and portable devices from which they can access any information from anywhere at any time. Looking at where methods and tools of education are going in the future, the importance of technology in classroom is more important now than ever so here is Byju’s – Technology in classrooms of the future for your children.

Traditional ways of teaching which involve teacher and students in classrooms is not useful anymore. Here the education is limited to books and four walls of the classroom. Thus the knowledge is not sufficient and students need to have a good knowledge on a variety of topics to face the world. In this generation of huge competition with competitive exams like JEE Exam, CAT, UPSC, etc. almost everyone is dependent on technology and so it is very important that the student and teachers are aware of the latest educational gadgets.

“Education is evolving due to the impact of the Internet. We cannot teach our students in the same manner in which we were taught. Change is necessary to engage students not in the curriculum we are responsible for teaching, but in school.” – April Chamberlain

Making classroom of the future or education fully technological will be helpful for every kid. But the question for most of us is that how will the future education system and classrooms are like. Here are some of the changes that are already taking part in many classrooms.

  • Group projects and assignments are completed easily through different kinds of software.
  • Posting of assignments and grades online
  • Students can complete their assignments online and upload it through class portals.
  • Students are using cloud computing instead of pen drives or pen paper to store data.
  • Parents, teachers, students and school administrators are communicating through social media designed for education.


There are lots of achievements that technology has made on education. Here are some of the popular technologies that can be a part of education in the future.

3D Printing-



Visual learning has always been effective in education than theory based learning. 3D printing is revolutionary in many industries and it will be a part of future classrooms. Students can print 3D models easily for any structure for both their vocational and academic purpose. Teachers can also use 3D printings to make learning fun for students and bringing life to the lessons.

Cloud Computing-


The cloud is a wireless network which is an invaluable tool for all teachers. Excuses made by students for not bringing their assignments or homework will not work for them in the future classes. Cloud computing has become popular in many schools and in the near future, almost all traditional classrooms will turn into virtual classes. Future kids can bid their textbooks goodbye as they can access all their study materials like math, physics, biology, etc via internet connection. Understanding of complex math concepts (pythagoras theorem, trigonometry, probability) can be done with fun interactives to develop interest among students. Students can also attend virtual classes and submit their homework even if they are not present in their school for that day.

Augmented Reality-


Most of us have seen in science fiction movies where a character walks down a road wearing a pair of glasses and he gets full information about what he sees in front of his eyes. This technology is getting real and will be available in the future classes. Students can go for virtual trips to different places while sitting in their school and get much information about anything, and expand their knowledge.



The term biometric is mainly linked to security. But apart from this, there is a very interesting eye tracking feature in it. This feature can help teachers know how much each student has understood about the lesson taught in the classroom. This can be very helpful as teachers can make a change in their way of teaching which can help students understand the subject in a better way.

Game based learning-


Kids usually pay very little attention to what teacher teaches in the classroom and their attention in the class is less. But kids are too much into games and activities. Integrated games with learning can help to build interest in studying. Many educational apps like Byju’s are already there to make learning in an interesting and fun way.

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