Explosive Galaxy Note 7 – Yes you read it right! Your Galaxy Note 7 may also explode!

The image of the burnt Galaxy Note 7 posted on the online community called “Ppomppu.”

On Kakao Story, the most popular social media service in Korea, on August 30, another Galaxy Note 7 user posted images of the burnt device, which he said exploded while it was charging.

As two Galaxy Note 7 users claimed that their phones exploded while charging in a week, consumers are becoming anxious.

The user said on Kakao Story, “There was another explosion of the Galaxy Note 7. It was my friend’s phone. A Samsung employee checked the site and he is currently in talks over the compensation with Samsung. You should use its original charger just in case and leave the phone far away from where you are while charging.

However, the post on Kakao Story has been deleted.

Images posted on the Internet show a Galaxy Note 7 severely damaged on the left side, black and burnt on the back and the front, in the aftermath of the explosion.

They looked very similar with the photos of the burnt Galaxy Note 7 posted on the online community called “Ppomppu” on the 24th.

At that time, the user said, “My boyfriend’s Galaxy Note 7 exploded while charging at night. I woke up by the bang and the smell of smoke.

With controversy over a series of Galaxy Note 7 explosions, Internet users said, “Images of the damaged phone looked exactly same with the ones posted last time” and “The phone seems to have a serious defect. I’d rather delay my purchase.”

Samsung Electronics is reportedly verifying the facts.


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