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Google’s self-driving bicycle

It was only available yesterday, April 1, apparently only in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It might not work so well on Bangkok’s busy streets, but its an idea some of our local vocational/technical students might want to refine.
Yesterday Google released this short video explaining the concept of the self-driving bicycle.The Dutch cycle more than any other nation – almost 900km per person, but that also means we have means we have 350,000 bike-related injuries.
Now imagine if we would make biking safer, smarter and easier by applying self-driving technology to biking.We tell our self-driving bike to find out where it is, what’s around it, what will happen next and what it should do.
We leaned on Google’s expertise in self-driving cars, but we had to adapt the technology to work on a bike.
We decided to add two additional features. First, you can request the bike to pick you up wherever you are and we developed a “comfort mode,” adjusting the pedals to a perfect resting position.
“I think the self-riding bike could give a boost to the economy because people could also work on their bicycle. You work in your office. You work in your home. You work in your car. You could even work on your bike.”
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