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JioFi Router: How To Setup & Access( Full Tutorial)


If you are not aware of Jio Preview offer, you are probably living in a cave. I am assuming you are not – and we will skip the part about how this preview offer is giving you unlimited internet, unlimited HD voice calls etc.

Up until now, users needed to buy a LYF phone to access the offer for which they needed to spend minimum of Rs. 4000. However, with launch of JioFi router, now anyone can gain access to Jio Preview offer. At cost of Rs. 2899. JioFi Router allows to access internet on 31 devices.

We got our hands on JioFi router and decided to do a walk-thru of how you can setup the JioFi device and get it up and running.

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Features of JioFi

JioFi allows you to create your own portable WiFi Hotspot which can connect upto 31 devices at a time for internet access. The device supports MicroSD card storage of upto 32 GB.

JioFi Features

Apart from that, users can use Jio Voice to make calls through JioFi, which are currently free during the 3 month Jio Preview offer. According to Jio, the 2300 mAh battery has a standby time of 300 hrs and running time of around 8 hours.

Given that the device can run for nearly 8 hours without recharging, this portable WiFi Hotspot becomes indispensable when on travel or outdoors.

How to Setup JioFi Device

When you buy JioFi, it will be accompanied with a Jio SIM card. You will need to first ensure that the SIM card is inserted. Here is how to do it.

Remove the back cover.

JioFi Back cover

Before inserting the battery you will need to insert the SIM in the SIM tray.

JioFi SIM Tray

Once you have successfully inserted the SIM card, you can put the battery and close the back cover. If you need, you can also insert the SD card at this time.

Before you insert the battery, please ensure to note down the SSID and password (PWD) which will be needed later to connect devices to hotspot.

JioFi SSID Admin Password

Once noted, you can insert the battery and close the back cover on the device. If the device is not charged, please ensure that you charge it over 50 percent using the supplied wire and adapter. After the device is charged, press the button on top for a few seconds, you will see 4 icons light up on the top.

JioFi Device lights

Here are the details of various icons and lights on JioFi device.

JioFi Buttons-001

Note: Before starting to setup the JioFi router, you need to make sure that the Jio SIM is activated and ready. It generally takes 24 hours for the SIM to get activated. ( For us, it took more than 2 days for the SIM to get activated). Instructions for activation of SIM card are given on the SIM jacket.

You can activate the SIM card in 2 ways. Call from any number to 1800-890-1977 and your data services for JioFi will start. Alternatively, you can put the SIM card in a VoLTE phone and call 1977 for data+voice services to get started. Once, you get a confirmation SMS stating the your SIM is activated and ready to use, you can start using your JioFi device.

Confirmation message

Now, from your Desktop, Laptop or mobile phone look for the SSID and password that you have noted earlier. Connect it via WiFi, and if your SIM is properly activated, you should be able to get the internet on the all the connected devices.

You can change the default SSID and password by going to the JioFi Router’s administration panel. The default login name and password to login is administrator/administrator, which you can change as well!


Your JioFi Device is now ready and you can start using it as a Hotspot.

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