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Lenovo CPlus & Folio Bendable Screen Future ?


In Tech World conference in San Francisco, Lenovo gave the audience a glimpse of what may be the future of consumer electronics ‘The Bendable Screen Smartphones’. The Chinese brand showcased the CPlus and the Lenovo Folio concepts, which are the company’s own take on bendable electronics.


Lenovo’s CTO, Peter Hortensius, showcased the CPlus smartphone, which sports a flexible display and internal hardware. The flexible handset would come in multiple sizes and colours, run Android and sport a 4.26-inch flexible display.

The CPlus is even more flexible. Its multiple hinges allow it to curl up on itself through almost 360 degrees, creating a bracelet you can wear on your wrist and making it as a wearable.

Bendable Screen Samples:

The tablet which could be folded was dubbed as Folio . The table could be bent in half and could also function as a smartphone. Folding it makes one half of the tablet’s screen goes dark, and when folded back it transforms into a phablet-sized device/tablet.

All these looks like a leap in the tech field but it’s worth noting that they’re all still in experimental stages. However, it’s good to see innovation make a comeback in the world of gadgets and gizmos. Interestingly, Samsung has showcased the same 3 years ago, but is yet to launch in the market and rumours suggest a bendable Samsung phone to be coming next year.

Lenovo showcased this along with the Flagship of its Sub-brand Moto, the Moto Z and Moto Z Force along with Lenovo Phab 2.

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