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Why does your phone is having heating issue? What’s the solution?


Do you feel your phone gets unusually hot even when its winter? Does it get too hot to hold, hangs up and power off itself? With the day by day decreasing size of the embedded microelectronics and increasing specification and aggressive designs of our phones, our devices are bound to heat up, though becoming warmer is not a reason to worry but over-heating is definitely a major issue. Over heating not only can destroy your phone but kill you too, yes you read it right it can turn out to be fatal. It is over heating issue that triggered explosions in the Note 7 which led to a worldwide recall by Samsung. No no don’t worry, just find out the cause and follow a few simple steps.

Too many apps running

Multi tasking is good and bad, bad when it comes to battery usage. Smartphones are designed to handle multiple operations at the same time but unnecessarily running apps for long ,uses more memory and eats up battery and leads to heating issue.

Always free up memory by closing unnecessarily running apps and processes in the background.

Playing High Graphics Games

Smartphones have a wide range of games to entertain and keep the owner busy. While some games consumes less memory and battery , high end games like Asphalt 8 consumes a lot of power. When played for a long time they put a load on the phone demanding a lot from System-On-Chip(SoC) which houses the CPU and GPU.

Play games on medium or low graphics mode. And avoid playing for a long time.

Display Brightness

Phone display can itself heat up when used on high brightness for a long time. Put display brightness on auto brightness mode to self adjust brightness according to different lighting conditions.

To enable auto brightness follow:Settings -> Display-> Brightness Level->Check auto brightness

Wi-Fi or 4G connected for too long

Long duration connections to either Wi-Fi or 4G mobile data keeps the device awake leaving most of the apps busy consuming data, specially social networking apps like whatsapp, facebook.

Turn off Wi-Fi and 4G data while watching movies and playing offline games or when the device is not being used, enable battery saver mode to turn off networks automatically when the device is kept idle. Beware, don’t use third-party battery saver apps, they do more harm than good.


Phones are computers after all ,they too run on an operating system , malware may well be a problem that end up using most of the battery by running unnecessary apps in the background and using mobile data. These malware are mostly downloaded alongside apps downloaded from sources that are not trusted, and your device will start having heating issue.

Never download or install apps from unknown sources. Uncheck  “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources””from the settings.

Follow: Settings -> Security->Uncheck Unknown Sources

Phone Case and Backcovers

Phone cases and backcovers though actually may provide added protection but are definitely suffocating your device. Backcovers mostly are plastic and thus acts an insulator to the heat radiation. Well there’s a reason why devices come with a metallic body. That’s why Heating issue is also caused due to Phone cases and covers.

Try removing your cover for sometime.

Apps Running in the background

It is a common cause for android users in particular. Most of the apps running in the background go unnoticed and consume a large part of the RAM drawing on CPU as well as data which eventually kills battery and heats the phone.

Install memory cleaning apps like ‘Clean Master’ and clear memory manually at regular intervals or put it on automatic mode to clear it for you.

Poor quality or irregular charger or charging cable

Yes, this can be a reason to your heating issues. Almost all the smartphones today come with their own designated chargers with specified voltage/current ratings. It takes longer to charge if charged with a irregular charger which inturn takes a toll on the battery, unusually heating it up .

Always use charger that comes with the phone specially if your phone charges on fast/boost charging technology.


Over charging is definitely an issue. According to researchers phone must be charged within limits, not more than 90% level. When charged above this level , battery is subjected to a stress which harms its life. Moreover,it should not be allowed to fall below 10% preferably 15%, phone releases more radiation than usual when used on low battery level.

Keep a check on your charging cycles.

So what worked out for you? Share it in the comments if you found out a potential solution.

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