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Top 5 Best Apps to Test Hardware on Android

In this article you will see top 5 best apps for android that you can use to test the hardware abilities of your Android. Just go through the article to know the best apps that you can download.

Whether confirming the hardware configuration or checking the performance of the hardware of your new Android phone, finding the whole accurate information can be very hard. You cannot find this information unless you are not using any app meant for that only purpose. There are apps that can give you the exact details of your hardware and can even tell you about the performance abilities and task handling capabilities of your phone.

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Top 5 Best Apps to Test Hardware on Android

So below we have selected some of the best apps that will check the hardware working of your device. So try out these apps below.

#1 Z-Device test

To get the most comprehensive and in-depth analysis of your phone you can download the Z-Device test app. This app lets you test the every hardware components of your phone like the camera of the device,accelerometer, GPS, Light sensor, vibration, sound,CPU,battery etc. You will know about the hardware specifications of your device too. If your hardware supports some other features like NFC,pressure sensor,temperature sensor etc. then you can also get the information from these sensors too and all in single app. The various features of this app that you get cannot be found anywhere else and even on other apps too.

#2 Phone Tester

Provided with simple and easy user interface, this app is just amazing for finding some basic things on your device. The things that you can know about your android hardware using this app are sensors details, telephone signal details, GPS status, system information etc. This app could be best for those who are just looking for general technical details of their device and dont want to go in-depth.

#3 Antutu Tester

The only app that only focuses on the screen, battery and touch of the device and you get great in-depth information about these on this app. The battery test abilities of this app is just amazing and you get the in-depth information about the battery. Clearly available results that you get from this app can also decide you the best performing device in case of battery life but the only thing is that the battery test can last for even hours.

#4 Sensor Box

This app is made to check the all available sensors on the phone and to check their performance details. The all sensors like accelerometer, light, orientation, proximity, temperature, gyroscope, sound, magnetic sensor etc. are tested and the results are then listed on this app.

#5 Phone Doctor Plus

Loaded with many features so as to provide you with in-depth information of your phone,this app can provide 25 different tests each for checking the hardware capabilities. This app can check the sensors, battery, screen, mic, flash, camera, memory etc of your device. Although there are some sensor tests that are missing on this phone but still it is the only app that provides huge range of tests for your device.

The details that you get from these apps will help to check the performance and capabilities of your phone or these apps can help you at the time while you are buying your new Android device. Depending on your needs you can download any of the above apps. At last you should know one thing that the information provided by these apps cannot be exactly correct but still can be used for worthy purposes.

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