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Top Ways Technology Changed Learning


The education sector has seen a drastic impact on the development of technology. The inconceivable development of innovative technology has helped everyone in learning. The enhancement of technology began with the birth of the internet when the fault-tolerant communication network first build via a computer in the year 1960s, whereas the linking of the commercial network in the early phase of 1990s marked the beginning of the modern internet. This has generated a rapid growth in the use of mobile, computers and many more modern devices, which works over the internet.

Technology has helped students to learn through the digital methods, i.e. by the use of video and animation technique that are interesting and easy to understand.

Let us look at various other advantages integrated with the use of technology in education:


(i) Accessibility of technology- With the use of the internet, the world has now become a compact space. The internet has now connected every remote place with each other. Technology now has given worldwide access to study material and learning in the form of Ebooks, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and many other ways. One can easily find every topic from their textbook in their digital device.


(ii) Visual tool for learning- Most of the digital learning tools focuses more on the visual means of learning. Visuals have a number of benefits over the traditional means of learning such as a fast learning experience, which develops interest amongst the students and a better understanding. Such as topic like Volume of Cylinder requires a good imagination to understand the actual meaning of the volume, which can be understood easily through videos. Thus, visuals have various advantages that help in learning.


(iii) Improves Retention power- Technology not only creates interest and fasten the learning, but also helps to improve the learning experience by improving the retention power. Various Research has proved that visuals help in making you remember the concepts for a long time. One can easily figure it out by comparing a recent movie watched and a recent textbook read, surely the movie can be remembered for a prolonged duration. In a similar way, learning through technology and especially through videos helps retain the concepts for a long time.


(iv) Global Participation- Using the internet, students can easily connect with another student across the world and have a discussion on any topic. Subjects like physics, mathematics can have a various number of approaches for a solution, so everyone can suggest and learn from one another. Students can also approach Mathematics Discussion Forum, to learn and discuss various maths topic. This would help them achieve maximum possible global participation and to learn in an effective way.

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All these benefits of technology are crucial for the students to enhance their full potential growth and create interest amongst the students for their studies.

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