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Use these 4 Exclusive Pixel Phone Features in Any Android Smartphone.


Google in an attempt to make a major transition from the mobile-first world to an AI-first world, showcased a new set of smartphones namely, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL earlier this month.

Apart from being touted as the smartphones manufactured by Google inside-and-out, the Pixel and its bigger sibling Pixel XL bring along a plethora of exclusive features. However, most of these features can still be accessed on any Android smartphones with simple workarounds.

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Let’s take a look at how you can get access to these features on your Android smartphone.

Get the new Pixel Launcher

The new set of smartphones from Google feature a new launcher which goes by the name, Pixel Launcher. Essentially, it’s the same old Nexus launcher with a few changes in aesthetics. For example, the 6-dotted app drawer is replaced by a pull-up drawer to give you access to the apps installed on your smartphone.

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In order to get this launcher all you have to do is to download the Pixel Launcher’s .apk file (download it here) and install it on your smartphone.

Dial P for Pixel

Dial P for Pixel

Google Pixel and Pixel XL come with an updated Phone app which goes by the name Dial P. Although most of the features remain unchanged in comparison to its previous versions (Google Phone app), the redesigned call screen and a few UI tweaks among others make it appealing.

In case you want to check them out anyway, click here if you own a Nexus device or here if you own any other Android smartphone.


Pixel Camera App

Pixel Camera App

Another stock app to receive an update is the Google Camera App. Now known as the Pixel Camera, the app offers a slew of nifty features which can come in quite handy at times. For example, now you’ll be able to manually control the exposure, AF/AE lock, and a few more.

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However, if you want to check out the new camera app, either you’ll have to own a Nexus device or have Android 7.0 Nougat running on your Android smartphone (this is mandatory for the nexus devices as well). If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can download the app from here.


Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Undisputedly, Google Assistant is one of the USP’s of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. The search-engine giant, while unveiling the smartphones, touted it as a full-fledged virtual Assistant (based on AI) which will help you get things done in a more efficient way. What makes the new AI assistant most helpful is the company’s vast Knowledge graph which other companies (like Apple) can only dream of.

If you want Google Assistant to get running on your smartphone follow the 7 simple steps listed here.

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