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WhatsApp Status update rolls out: Tips to use it in Perfect way.


Several days ago whatsapp had announced status function, which sort of turns the app right into a social media app. it no longer is simply a chat app. the characteristic was supposed to reach purchasers in some days and now it has. last night time whatsapp up to date the app in the google play shop in addition to the ios save to make certain that all whatsapp users have the popularity feature of their apps.

“beginning nowadays, iphone, android and home windows customers can send pics, films and gifs through repute to percentage special moments at some stage in their day with buddies and own family,” a whatsapp spokesperson stated.

so how do you operate it? just like different whatsapp features the popularity too is straightforward to use. it’s far pretty neat, despite the fact that its implications may not because it may turn the app into a type of fb or twitter, where every body simply pushes out reputation updates instead of talking to every other. then there may be the danger that repute part of the whatsapp may be used for displaying commercials to users. and in the end there are a few other minor results (we are able to come to it later).


Once you have updated the app, you will see that the WhatsApp status update tab is there near the Calls and Chats tab. So here is how you use it:

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— Tap on the Status tab.

— Here you will see all the status you contacts have posted.

– Tap on a status to reply to that person. The replies are sent to regular chats along with the snapshot of that person’s Status. In this way WhatsApp hopes that Status updates will be a trigger for conversations.

— To post your own Status update, you have to click on the dotted circle with plus sign (it’s on the top right corner of the screen). Or you can just tap on “My Status”.

— Your Status message will automatically expire after 24 hours. Additionally, if you want to delete your Status message, you will have to tap on the 3 dots in front of your Status. In the next Window, long press the Status and select delete option.

But be cautious about your Status privacy-


The important bit here to know is that WhatsApp is a very different kind of beast compared to Facebook. Even though the app has added the Status feature, the updates that you make through it will still be private, mostly. It is important that you set the privacy options carefully, although for now the options aren’t all that good.

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The Status feature has three privacy options, which can be accessed by tapping on three dots on the top right in the main Status window.

The 3 options are:

Share with contacts: This will let you share the Status with all your contacts, which means with all those whose numbers you have saved.

Share with contacts but exclude: This lets you bar certain people from getting your Status updates. Say for example, you don’t mind all your contacts getting the Status update but doesn’t want it to go to a certain few who are pests and bother you on WhatsApp. Well, now you can do that. By using this feature you will be able to tell WhatsApp about the contacts that should not receive your Status updates.

Share with only few: By selecting this option, you exclude everyone in your contact list from getting your Status update except the ones who you have added specifically. Say for example, you only want your girlfriend or boyfriend to get your naughty Status update. You will have use this option. Or you want only your family members to get the Status update. Again, use this feature. It is like a whitelist option, whereas the earlier one was like blacklist option.

And now the bad part about this new update

The way I see it, Status could be a popular feature. Although it also has the potential to make WhatsApp chaotic. But more than that there are several other points that are worth noting.

— WhatsApp has removed the earlier Status option, which was part of the profile. Now, that Status used to serve a different purpose. It used to tell people about whether you were available or not. It was also a way to communicate with all of your contacts at once. Now you can’t use that option. Worse, the new status update feature requires that you put in some sort of Status update every 24 hours. The earlier one was always there, until you deleted or changed it. And yes, in the new Status update you can’t just put in a text update. It has to be a photo or video.

— The finer privacy controls are missing. You can set up the privacy controls for all status updates. But so far, no option to specify a privacy setting for each particular status update. Hopefully in the coming days, WhatsApp will fine-tune it.

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