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Xiaomi Mi 6 – Rumors and Expected Launch


Xiaomi is a Chinese based company that has recently taken the smartphone world up in a storm. Everybody is eagerly waiting for the release of Xiaomi Mi 6, as Xiaomi has certainly become a resilient contender in the worldwide smartphone marketplace. The Xiaomi Mi 6 is expected to launch in March 2017. It is rumored to be priced in the range of $400-$450 which when converted in approximately Rs. 27,000 – Rs. 30,000.


  • 4K UHD, 5.2-inch display
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.5GHz Octa Core Processor
  • 23MP primary camera + 7MP secondary camera
  • 32GB/64GB storage (expandable up to 256GB via double micro SD card)
  • 4GB RAM
  • 4000mAh battery with wireless charging feature
  • Optical image stabilization on its rear camera and eye scanner
  • Gorilla glass 4 support to make the phone shock and dust proof
  • Connectivity: Dual SIM Support, Bluetooth 4.1 version, Wi-Fi direct and Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Sensors: Health related sensors, Magnetometer, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Ambient light sensor, Barometer.


Now that we have a vague idea of what to expect, let us delve a little deeper into what these features would actually offer us. The Mi 6 is going to have a metal body exterior with a premium finish. Moreover, the rear side is expected to have a touch of glass in order to give it a stunning finish. It is expected to come in the colors – black, blue, gold and white.

Furthermore, it is expected to come with a Gorilla Glass 4 to make it shock and dustproof. Also other features like Magnetometer, Barometer, Health Related sensors, Compass, Gyroscope, and more are expected to be included.


Now, coming into a slightly more descriptive explanation of the features, first up we have the display. The Mi 6 is expected to have a 5.2-inches 4K screen, which is bound to give the user an immersing experience. The display resolution would be around 4096 x 2160 pixels and would have a 700 PPI. Such great resolution would definitely enrich the experience of having a Mi 6.

Coming to the processor, I’m sure we can all agree that speed is a very important factor while grading a phone and we all look for one which is fast enough to load and store data swiftly. This is definitely not a problem for the Mi 6 as it is expected to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.5GHz 16-core processor with an Android V6 Marshmallow OS.

The storage capacity on this smartphone is great as well. It is probably going to come in two batches- one with 32GB storage and one with 64GB storage. However, it is expected that both these versions will have the ability to upgrade the storage up to 256GB.

Coming to another really important feature in today’s world, is the camera. The Xiaomi Mi 6 excels in this field as well and is expected to have a 23MP primary camera with a 7MP rear camera. Moreover, the front camera would be equipped with retina flash.

Now, when you are being provided with such great features, one thing you must make sure of is the smartphone’s battery life. Luckily for us, the Mi 6 is expected to have a 4000 mAh battery, which can easily last for hours and lets you enjoy each and every feature of your phone. Another rumor is that the Mi 6 is expected to launch with an enhanced wireless charging which would let you charge your phone up you 50% in just half an hour.

Lastly, coming to the extra features of the smartphones, we have the retina scanner. Yes, the Mi 6 is rumored to provide a retina scanner, which would allow the user to unlock the phone, make online purchases and make use of other platforms where authentication is required. Although, there isn’t much known about whether the phone would be waterproof, we are sitting with our fingers crossed that it will. With other headlining companies coming out with waterproof smartphones, it is expected of Xiaomi to look into incorporating this feature as well.


So, this was our take on the rumors and the launch, regarding the Xiaomi Mi 6. It looks to be a very promising smartphone and is sure to give tight competition to several other top-notch smartphones. Xiaomi has once again brought out a phone that proves to be a great value for your money. We will keep you updated as more solid information or even rumors come around. Till then, we can all anticipatedly wait for what looks like a great year for smartphones.

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